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Club Roster

Revised: 08/17/2016

Jeff Arndt of Ozark, MO Tom Kaufmann of Warsaw, MO
Fenton Barnard of Overland Park,  KS Marty Klein of Lansing, KS
Rick Bollinger of Raymore, MO Willie Loper III of Grandview, MO
Ed Campbell of Blue Springs, MO Ed Matthews of Warsaw, MO
Duncan Carter of Kansas City, MO Mike McCraney of Independence, MO
Jan Carter of Kansas City, MO Warren Miller of Liberty, MO
Matt Davis of Odessa, MO Rex Murdock of Lee's Summit, MO
Craig Doctor of Independence, MO Ryan Murdock of Lee's Summit, MO
John Gaines III of Lee's Summit, MO Joe Nowachek of Lenexa, KS
Cory Gallagher of Grain Valley, MO Bud Roe of Peculiar, MO
Dave Gallagher of Odessa, MO Jay Roe of Grandview, MO
Kathleen Gallagher of Odessa, MO Bill Rowe of Lee's Summit, MO
Tom Gann of Belton, MO Darin Snapp of Kansas City, MO
Billy Grammer of Warsaw, MO Doug Skeens of Pleasant Hill, MO
Gene Henry Sr. of Grandview, MO Gary Skeens of Pleasant Hill, MO
Tim Hoeper of Raymore, MO Tom Starforth of Kansas City, MO
Dan Hull of Peculiar, MO Jarrod Watkins of Liberty, MO
Ron Hunt of Raymore, MO Joe Wiley of Lansing, KS
Ralph Iseman of Lee's Summit, MO Jim Wyatt of Lansing, KS
Mindy Cooper of Grandview, MO  


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The Men of Honor Bass Club - 2016