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On January 11, we had our 2015 annual club meeting.  Below are the minutes from the meeting.


2015 Club Officers

President: Joe Wiley
Vice President: Ron Hunt
Secretary: Ralph Iseman
Tournament Director: Doug Skeens
Treasurer: Not Filled

New Business

Itís very important you read and understand the new implemented tournament fees and pay-out system that will be used this year.

For the 2015 tournament season all tournament fees will be paid at the ramp.  There will be no tournament fees accepted by mail.  Tournament fees must be paid in cash and no checks.  Only $10 or $20 dollar bills will be accepted.  Tournament fees will be paid when livewells are checked.  After paying your tournament fees you will draw a number.  This number will be your boat number and your launch order number.  Tournament winners will receive their cash winnings after the weigh-in.  There will be no checks sent out by mail.  In order for this new system to work we request you be at the ramp at least 30 minutes before start time.

We will not be holding back 10% of our tournament fees to give away at the Fish-Off.  Money paid for our membership dues minus club expenses, along with the Fish-Off entry fees will be paid out.  The Fish-Off money will be paid to 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and Big Bass.


We will not have a Club Treasurer this year.  Ron Hunt will be responsible for club membership dues and roster.  To join, send your club membership application and your check to Ron Hunt.  Make your checks out to Ron Hunt, not Men of Honor Bass Club.  Ron will post the club roster on the website.

Click here for Membership Application Form.


The Grand Lake tournament on June 27 & 28 is a 2 day tournament and is the total weight for both days.

Start and End Time: 6 am until 2:30 pm each day.

Launch Ramp: Wolf Creek Park and Boating Facility (Note: this ramp is sometimes called Grove City Ramp) this launch site has six ramps and a parking lot that will hold 400 trucks and trailers. The exit for this ramp is off of OK HWY 59.

Address: 963 North 16th St. Grove, OK

Entry Fee: $40 dollars per boat, payable on day 1 of the tournament

Oklahoma fishing license will be required.


Reminder, we have opened the membership.  If you know someone that would be a good club member, invite them to fish.


We would like for all club members to have an email address.  Emails are the most effective way to communicate information out to our members.


The Fish Off will be at Pomme de Terre Lake this year.  If you are planning on staying at a nearby motel make your reservation now.  That is race weekend and rooms are limited.


Thanks to Ralph Iseman for recording the minutes for this meeting.






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